Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Nights At Seven

I'm beginning to read my recent purchase "Sunday Nights at Seven the Jack Benny Story". I am about 30 pages in and i'm already hooked I cant put the book down. I will sure to have a full review of this book once I have completed it. If anyone else is interested in purchasing this book. FYI I only payed One cent for it on amazon (plus shipping) You cant really go wrong a Jack Benny book for a penny!

Here's is the link to it purchase the book on

The Mel Blanc Show
Episode: Mel Bakes A Prizewinning Putty Cake (9/17/1946)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
Episode: The Bums Rush (9/3/1949)

Philip Marlowe "The Bum's Rush" 9/3/49 Oldtime Radio Crime Drama The Adventures of Philip Marlowe came to Radio in the Summer of 1947 as a Pepsodent Program replacement for their wildly popular show starring Bob Hope and his ensemble. Both CBS and Pepsodent promoted the first nine programs to the maximum extent. In all likelihood as much to promote Van Heflin himself, as to keep The Pepsodent Program's time slot nice and cozy for Bob Hope's return in The Fall of 1947. Indeed, the fact that Van Heflin got far greater billing than Raymond Chandler himself, demonstrates the relative celebrity of the two diverse talents for their time.
source: goldenageofcinema youtube channel


The Bob Hope Show
Episode: Guest Chico Marx (11/8/1938)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Old-Time Radio Treasure Hunt in the Big Apple

This past Saturday me and my wife ventured out to the New York City in search for treasure. Now to my wife a treasure is a good purse deal, or some sort of clothing deal floating around somewhere down by Canal Street. But in my eyes a treasure is buried in an old record store. Every time I visit the city I gotta float around the village. It's filled with lots of culture, good foods, friendly people, and of course it's unique record shops. This time I found myself at Bleeker Bob's on West 3rd street in the village. This place is heaven for a person who is a collector of any kind of records, cd's, or musical memorabilia. I was in there for a good hour browsing the enormous selection this place has to offer. When I started coming across the 40's and 50's section I started to find myself in old-time radio heaven!! I have been on the search for old-time radio records for years now. I find them online from time to time and there are a bit over priced. Well in excitement I bought everything I can get my hands on. I spent roughly around 75 dollars, but I thought to myself when am I gonna get the opportunity to find all these gems in one place again. So I jumped on the deal. Unlike the music stores in the malls you really never know what you gonna find in an independently owned music store. Piles and piles of record there are never ending possibilities in places like Bleeker Bobs. Here is some pictures of my recent purchases!

Pete Kelley Blues
Episode: Gus Trudeau (8/22/1951)