Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fibber Mc Gee And Molly
Episode: Molly Loses Left Rear Fender (4/10/1940)

After Molly and Mrs. Uppington return home with the car, Molly discovers a fender is missing, and struggles to hide it from McGee while Gildersleeve replaces it.

The Shadow
Episode: The Wig Makers Of Doom Street (11/28/1948)

Lamont and Margo investigate the disappearances of women, which leads them to an elderly pair of wig makers.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weird Circle
Episode: Spectre Of Tappington (3/12/1944)

A man on leave from service in India, recovering from a head wound, visits the manor house of his cousins. At evening, he's told a legend related to the manor, in which a stranger to the manor was found dead, and his trousers, which supposedly held important documents, were missing. The morning after hearing that story, and every morning afterward, the man awakes to find his own trousers missing, and claims to have seen the ghost taking them.

Man Called X
Episode: Vienna (6/22/1951)

Mr. Thurson becomes involved in Cold War intrigue in Vienna when he learns of a family dispute over the control of a pro western newspaper, run by friends of his.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Jack Benny Program
Episode: Guests Burns And Allen (4/11/1937)

Gracie arrives to deliver a message from George, but George has to deliver it himself. The cast performs another episode of Buck Benny Rides Again, still trying to catch the outlaw Cactus Face.

Nero Wolfe
Episode: The Telltale Ribbon (3/30/1951)

Nero and Archie investigate the death of a woman who received threatening letters typed on a typewriter found in her home, and leaving everyone in the household to be suspected of causing her death.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Inner Sanctum Mysteries
Episode: Death is a joker (6/10/1944)

Inner Sanctum Mysteries, a popular old-time radio program that aired from January 7, 1941 to October 5, 1952, was created by producer Himan Brown and was based on the generic title given to the mystery novels of Simon and Schuster. A total of 526 episodes were broadcast.

The Fat Man
Murder Is The Medium (7/22/1949)

The Fat Man, a popular radio show during the 1940s and early 1950s was a detective drama based on characters by Dashiell Hammett. It starred J. Scott Smart in the title role, as a detective who started out anonymous but rapidly acquired the name 'Brad Runyon'.

Broadcast from the studios of WJZ in Newark, New Jersey, the series premiered on the ABC Radio Network on Monday, January 21, 1946, at 8:30pm, as part of a block of four new programs (I Deal in Crime, Forever Tops, and Jimmy Gleason's Diner). Based on Dashiell Hammett's fiction, The Fat Man was further developed by producer, E.J. ("Mannie") Rosenberg. The program was directed by Clark Andrews, creator of Big Town, and Charles Powers. The main writer was Richard Ellington, with other scripts by Robert Sloane and Lawrence Klee.